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Riyadh cup • quarter final

A selection of eight of the most eye catching new skyscrapers that are rapidly defining the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Kingdom Centre

302 meter • 2002 » info

Al Faisaliah Center

267 meter • 2000 » info

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Waffles Al Faisaliah Center  
Denjiro KC  
towerpower123 Those are some really bland images of both towers. They are both really beautiful.  
vartal Kingdom Centre  
prahovaploiesti Kingdom Centre  
Scott16475 Both towers are awful IMO.  +1
INFERNAL ELF Kingdom center is magnificent  +2
TaxiRide Is that a big Palantir?  +1
building demolisher Sauron Tower, I hope the dark lord stop cutting hands of indian folks :(  +1
RaymondHood That's not a vegetable peeler, it's a bottle opener.  +2
Hindustani A Massive hole in a supertall that jumbo jet can go through is cool. Besides, Al Faisaliah is not even "supertall". Its way less than 300 meters.  
SpiderBHZ Sauron Tower.  +3
naruciakk Well, in this case both buildings are horrible, but Kingdom Centre is slightly better.  +2
FAVAustinTX I guess the Giant Vegetable Peeler?  +4