one on one of September 2, 2016

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olympic cup • finale

what a good time it is to select eight olympic stadiums used for the opening ceremony to find out which one we think is best!

Panathenaic Stadium

Athens • 1896 » info

Beijing National Stadium

Beijing • 2008 » info

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prahovaploiesti Beijing National Stadium  
vartal Panathenaic Stadium  +2
Zaz965 Beijing.....oh yeah  +1
loko_man13 this is about design, not history  
Trupman exactly that's why i vote for the Panathenaic  +2
Tiaren If this is the case why did Beijing win against Munich in one of the earlier rounds. ;)  +1
ArtZ Sorry, but where is design at Panathenaic?...  
Davidinho Panathenaic is classy and timeless. Whereas The Bird's Nest will some day be considered outdated.  
adevahi Panathenaic with no doubt  +1
Cosaonoivay The Panathenaic Stadium is nice but the Bird nest is an icon a marvel of the modern time with multipurpose  
naruciakk How the **** Panathenaic Stadium is not winning? This is a cornerstone of modern Olympic Stadiums,  +3
midrise The nest is the BEST.  
fajarmuhasan beijing  
Lino Athens!  
roydex i luv the ancient style it's historic :))