one on one of September 8, 2016

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Riyadh cup • semi final

A selection of eight of the most eye catching new skyscrapers that are rapidly defining the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Kingdom Centre

302 meter • 2002 » info

KAFD World Trade Center

303 meter • 2016 » info

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Sheikh23 KC looks like an uglier brother of Shanghai WFC  
prahovaploiesti KAFD World Trade Center  
Pansori None  
Scott16475 I hate the Kingdom Centre building. There's a similar building in Charlotte I believe, and it's one of my least favorite buildings ever.  
Balikbayan beer bottle opener  +3
bfg1118 KAFD  
vartal Kingdom Centre  
Edil Arda kingdom centre looks like nail scissor.  +2
BadgerCT I see a vegetable peeler  +1