one on one of September 23, 2016

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icons of Singapore cup • quarter final

Eight icons which define the Lion City, which one does so best?

Supertree Grove

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JoSin Ugly makes things stand out. There's nothing like the Supertree Grove in this world. Those who havent been there do not know how it blows your mind away when you see the majesty of the structures.  
Waffles Supertree Grove  
prahovaploiesti Supertree Grove  
Denjiro Supertree Grove  
Pansori Supertrees. Those who've actually seen it will agree :)  
SpiderBHZ Both are too ugly  +2
BadgerCT So the majority aren't buying the "official" icon then?  
Xenoplas that's how it is :)  
arhimed2050 5/5 Supertree Grove as in the Paradise ))  
vartal Supertree Grove