one on one of September 24, 2016

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icons of Singapore cup • quarter final

Eight icons which define the Lion City, which one does so best?

Sri Mariamman Temple

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chewing gum ban

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Waffles u guys chose shewing gum over a temple...seriously?  
Gutovsky Well... The temple does look like a poorly organized doll closet... And chewing gum ban is SO Singaporean!  
prahovaploiesti chewing gum ban  
vartal chewing gum ban  
ThatOneGuy Autobahn vs. concentration camp  
RaymondHood That fines is only $740 U$D. A real bargain.  
The_Fox place that serves social purpose VS. oppressive government meddling  +4
Unregistered "Oppressive?" What were you, home schooled? I suppose a Cultural Marxist society that encourages graffiti and other filth is enough to keep us all indoors.  
The_Fox I'm well educated enough to know not to throw gum on the streets without the government nanny having to tell me not to do it. Also to me any government that tries to tell me what I can or can't put in my mouth is 'oppressive'. So there.  
prahovaploiesti But it's these kind of laws that made Singapore what it is today from third world to first world economy.