one on one of September 25, 2016

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holdout cup • semi final

Four of the most famous examples of people who didn't want to sell

Million Dollar Corner

at the New York Macy » info

Edith Macefield home

Seattle » info

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Waffles balloons  
prahovaploiesti Edith Macefield home  
vartal Edith Macefield home  
Zaz965 I like both  
tinyslam Too bad the one on the right is now abandoned.  
RaymondHood It looks aa though the Macy's sign is encroaching on the holdout's air space.  +2
RegentHouse Until United States v. Causby in 1946, there wasn't a defined extent of private property air rights outside a building envelope.  +2
JamieUK Right one reminds me of the film UP.  
abii I think UP is based on that.  
Tchokan Disney only made a promotion to Up, using the house and attaching some baloons to the roof...  
Tchokan some balloons*