one on one of September 26, 2016

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holdout cup • semi final

Four of the most famous examples of people who didn't want to sell

Luo Baogen House

Wenling » info

Wu Ping House, Chonqing

Chongqing » info

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prahovaploiesti Luo Baogen House  
prahovaploiesti I can understand Luo Baogen jus finishing his house and being offered amost half price, but the other one? 130000 pounds?  
TheIllinoisan And some people consider china to be close to developed status. I literally lol'd.  +2
Zaz965 I like both again  
vartal Wu Ping House, Chonqing  +1
micrip I always thought China just took it if you refused to move...  +1
The_Fox I wanna vote for both!  +8
Celt67 Speaks more of the highly corrupt Chinese government who offer people pennies to move out of their homes to make way for a new project. Absolutely disgusting. I wish I could vote for both people.  +1
AnOldBlackMarble They were offered $150,000. You think that house is worth more thant that? They're just NIMBY assholes.  +1
Claudio Henrique Loving those people.  
RaymondHood How could anyone not vote for Yu Ping, unless Lui Baogen is in the middle of an active airport runway??  
SpiderBHZ ...a the middle of the highway???...  +2
stwebm looooolllllll