one on one of September 30, 2016

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wfc cup • semi final

There are only a few World Financial Centers in the world, but let's see which one we all like best

Shanghai WFC

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New York WFC

Brookfield Place » info

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CactusLord In general everything related to NYC gets my vote, buuut shanghai sfc is way too fucking cool  
ArtZ Shanghai WFC, of course.  
RĂ³ka Brookfield Place  
gwiATLeman Sorry NYC but in terms or interesting design its Shanghai all the way  
Waffles shanghai  
ThatOneGuy Both are pretty good but Shanghai is more interesting/unique  
dendenden I am a New Yorkophile, but Shanghai WFC is the pinnacle of skyscraper design!  
prahovaploiesti New York WFC  
Zaz965 Shanghai no doubt greetings  
SOLOMON 1 Shanghai WFC  +1
010_zuid NYC by far  
arhimed2050 Shanghai World FC is the best! 5/5  +1
Seoul_Korea Shanghai World Financial Center.  +1
DUBAI10000 I voted for Shanghai  +1
midrise I've been Shanghaied.....but the NY WFC complex is more too consider.  
vartal New York WFC  
The_Fox vegetable peeler forever!  +2
Gutovsky Isn't it a bottle cap opener? LOL  +1
Shanperson SWFC is good because if you're a giant you can use the top as a convenient handle  +1
HBC I really like the SWFC. But I have to go for NY coz of the unique crowns on each of the four towers.