one on one of October 2, 2016

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aliens cup • semi final

In movie history, earth has been visited by huge alien ships. Which one is best?

tet mother ship

Oblivion » info

harvester ships

Independence Day » info

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prahovaploiesti harvester ships  
Unregistered harvester ships  
londonfai They're all shit.  
GoldenKid The TET mother ship is more interesting and impressive in my opinion.  
Skyline Art Circular discs always are interesting. They fly better through space. Lol  
Matthieu The TET is much more mysterious, mostly because who made it is never revealed.  +1
Exethalion The Oblivion ship is a cool design, but independence day ships are just so much more recognisable  
dbk Why there is no "WTF" option?  +9
vartal harvester ships