one on one of October 7, 2016

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tourist trap cup • quarter final

Eight of the world most famous places where local never come. Which one is the WORST?

Mona Lisa at the Louvre

any wax museum

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Waffles Any Wax Museum  
prahovaploiesti any wax museum  
Avemano The Mona Lisa is one of the most famous artwork in the world, certainly not a "tourist Trap".  +3
Amecurty Couldn't care less about both.. but I hate the kind of people portrayed by that wax figure  
Braillard Guys, this is the tourist trap cup. So vote for the worse, not the least bad.  
vartal any wax museum  
CactusLord both hideous. But wax museums is probably one of the most stupid attractions worldwide  
CactusLord So if we are voting for the worse, wax museums all the way.  +1
midrise this is