one on one of October 8, 2016

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tourist trap cup • quarter final

Eight of the world most famous places where local never come. Which one is the WORST?


Niagara Falls

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Waffles Niagara Falls  
prahovaploiesti Stonehenge  
vartal Niagara Falls  
JamieUK You guys do know your voting for the worst right?  +4
Rodrigo21 I just realized after voting lol  
edutj16 Woody Woodpecker lol  
Xenoplas those two aren't that bad especially compared to things like the vegas sign.  +1
davecos Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch  
arhimed2050 Niagara Falls  +1
xzmattzx I have to go with my home away from home, Niagara Falls!  +1
Celt67 There are waterfalls all over the world. There's only one Stonehenge.  +1
CactusLord Niagara falls isn't just any waterfall lol  +2
The Polman It's neither the tallest nor the one with the most flow but the combination is still unique. There are stonehenge-like monuments all over northern Europe