one on one of October 9, 2016

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tourist trap cup • quarter final

Eight of the world most famous places where local never come. Which one is the WORST?

Leaning Tower of Pisa


all of it

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ArtZ Both are examples of excellent Italian branding. :P  
Waffles Venice is slowly sinking into the least the Leaning Tower of Pisa will last...  
SpiderBHZ Though I have no preferences for none of them I voted for Venice  
dogmeat Blarney castle would beat anything hands down I reckon  
loko_man13 i always hear that venice canals stinks alot  
prahovaploiesti Leaning Tower of Pisa  
streetscapeer This whole cup is useless unfortunately... too many people do not know or do not understand that they are supposed to be coming for the WORST tourist trap. Many people are oblivious or confused and are just voting for what they like the best  +5
Xeni-2 Tough choice, but my vote goes for Leaning Tower of Pisa though, because it's pretty ridiculous.  
vartal Venice  
David Protest i dont know why this cup, what is so bad about Pisa and Venice, they are both beautiful  +1
Xenoplas okay let me help you: the real competition in this case is not pisa vs venice - it's hundreds of people making rather weird hand movements in the middle of the city vs millions of people cruising around in some canal.