one on one of October 11, 2016

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wfc cup • finale

There are only a few World Financial Centers in the world, but let's see which one we all like best

Shanghai WFC

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Tianjin WFC

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Transamericapyramid btw, TheIllinoisian, no politics and stuff  
Transamericapyramid SHANGHAAAAI! xD :D  
Waffles Tianjin for sure  
Zaz965 I like both again  
Celt67 Shanghai wins.....not even close.  
vartal Shanghai WFC  
prahovaploiesti Tianjin WFC  
Motherussia Shanghai WFC is one of a kind and Tianjin WFC to me is just like the rest of WFCs, so it's obvious the one on the left will take the gold, just based on popularity alone  
TheIllinoisan The only obvious thing is that vl*dimir p*utin is a dumb, filthy fascist dictatorial INSECT that needs to be euthanized. Absolute shame that such a filthy creature is allowed to live. God Bless Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, etc.  
Motherussia WTF are you talking about. P.S. I'm Ukrainian nationality btw.  
stwebm ugly potato peeler  
Dito Roso bottle opener.. pretty unique  +4
mindmyweb maybe its the picture thats letting the one on the left to win  
CactusLord Tianjin is interesting, but shanghai wfc is one of the best scrapers in the whole world so pretty obvious choice  +4