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Four of the most famous examples of people who didn't want to sell

Edith Macefield home

Seattle » info

Wu Ping House, Chonqing

Chongqing » info

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TheIllinoisan I have to say that Im more impressed with the Wu Ping house, because the real estate animals in China are 20x more savage and uncivilized than the ones in Seattle.  
pierre_allouez so as one is set beneath, another is placed on high...ying yang  
ilovecoffee Wuping:10x more exciting..  
Bramhastra Edith Macefield Home has all the amenities but looks like Wu Ping house is hanging in a lurch.. I wonder how people even get to the road?  
Paranormal phenomena Unless this round is supposed to find out which one is the most funnier looking one. Lol  
BadgerCT Iconic by means of Disney or iconic because, well goodness just look at it!  
BadgerCT Is that's Ping house even still there?  
Waffles Edith Macefield home  
Zaz965 the first one is happier than the second one lol  
tinyslam The first one is abandoned now.  
vartal Edith Macefield home  +1
prahovaploiesti Edith Macefield home  +1