one on one of October 16, 2016

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tourist trap cup • semi final

Eight of the world most famous places where local never come. Which one is the WORST?

Times Square

Mona Lisa at the Louvre

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kokomo Mona Lisa for sure!  
vartal Mona Lisa at the Louvre  
Davidinho I can find 100s of Time Squares in Tokyo, for example. What makes it unique?  +3
prahovaploiesti Sunsphere  
prahovaploiesti Mona Lisa at the Louvre  
CactusLord TSQ is cool, mona lisa is just an overrated work art,so obviously my vote goes for paris  +1
Eikichi Yeah, masterpiece of the 16th century against shit tone of concrete and ugly adds, you're totally right bro.  +9
Avemano And then you wonder why the world thinks America has no culture smh ...  
CactusLord Well firstly I'm european lol, Spain to be more precise. I'm just saying that there are dozens of paintings better than mona lisa (Many works of art in Madrid's Prado Museum for instance). TSQ is a really unique place,. But anyways it's just an opinion, i don't see why i couldn't express it.  +1
Eikichi As Davidinho said, if you travel to Tokyo or even Shanghai, you'll see far better places than TSQ, i don't say it's not unique, it's unique as Mona Lisa is unique too, but TSQ is replicable and is ugly.