one on one of October 18, 2016

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glass cup • quarter final

eight structures that make you go vertigo!

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Arizona » info

Glacier Skywalk

Jasper National Park » info

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DUBAI10000 Both are good, Grand Canyons just more iconic.  
Zaz965 I like both  
prahovaploiesti Grand Canyon Skywalk  
GunnerJacket The Glacier setting is for me personally more appealing, but as a skywalk experience the Grand Canyon is quite breathtaking.  
3tmk This could be part of the Tourist Trap cup as well :D  +2
Waffles I've been on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, you're literally 4000 feet above the canyon floor and you can see Eagle Point and the Colorado River down and to the left. It's so scary!  
Christi69 Both are stunning!  
Architecture lover They both look surreal and I like them.  +2