one on one of October 30, 2016

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towers of Buenos Aires cup • quarter final

eight tall ones which define the Argentine skyline

classic tall

Palacio Barolo

100 meter • 1923 » info

Palace of the National Congress

80 meter • 1906 » info

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JuanRuano the congress is a tower??  
Waffles palacio barolo  
CactusLord Palacio Barolo, saludos desde España boludos :)  +1
Quilmeño89 According to Google Earth 3D, the real height of the Congress is 95 m. I vote Barolo.  
Zaz965 I like both again  
midrise A dome is a tower???...BA has better choices for real towers, both older and newer.  +2
skytrax National Congress of course!  +2
vartal Palacio Barolo  +2
prahovaploiesti Palacio Barolo  +2