one on one of November 8, 2016

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prison cup • quarter final

a selection of the eight most well known prisons

island prisons

Château d’If

Marseille » info

Alcatraz Island

San Francisco » info

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prahovaploiesti Château d’If  
Unregistered Château d’If  
vartal Alcatraz Island  
Zaz965 I like both again  +2
jml13 If island and castle, magnific balcony on Marseille  
arno-13 The chateau is the place were Edmond Dantes, the hero of the novel the count of Monte-Christo written by Alexandre Dumas is emprisonned.  +3
luukardinho Château d’If is more well know than Alcatraz Island, wow guys  +1
Xenoplas the voting is not about which the people think is the most well known but which the people like better.  +2
loko_man13 Alcatraz more famous, chateau more beautiful  +1