one on one of November 15, 2016

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skygate cup • quarter final

two towers that end up as one


Benidorm » info

Western City Gate

Belgrade » info

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prahovaploiesti Intempo  
vartal Western City Gate  
ThatOneGuy Western City Gate.  
will101 At least Intempo has some symmetry. And color. The other one looks like the Soviets had the architect shot halfway through the design phase.  +6
Xenoplas it does have color but just look at those colors.. they're terrible. the other one is at least fascinating.  +3
uunxx "Symmetry is the aesthetics of fools"  
uunxx Intempo looks like disembodied legs with bladder between them.  
68danko Genex Belgrade of course  
SOLOMON 1 both hideous...horrible architecture.  +6
luukardinho Intempo, the one build without elevators right? xD  
kokomo are you kidding?  
bagzy Genex Tower rule.  
Pohtija Intempo. Tall and sleek. And tacky. :)  +1
Krosh Western City Gate from Siberia. I was personally impressed by the building in 1989. :)  +2
Дisiдent Generalexport aka Genex.  +2
SpiderBHZ Did not vote. Both are just horrid!  +6
ArtZ Western City Gate, from Poland  +1
Matthieu Genex is an iconic building on SSC  +2
yugo55 Генекс!!!  +1
CactusLord Even though I'm a spaniard I'm not voting intempo, lol that thing is probably the worst building in my country.  +7
midrise A big....V....for vulgar.  
Christi69 A flawed design of 207-2014 vs. a brutalist buildong of 1977, my choice is clear!  +1
BadgerCT That building looks like the bottom half of a man in a g-string  +2
Victhor Of course In Tempo!, how can people vote the other option?  +1
JamieUK What was they thinking.  +1
Singidunum Genex of course  +2
Edil Arda Intempo is the one of the worst man-made structures on earth.  +9
Zaz965 because it is a big underwear, lol  
midrise FUGLY indeed