one on one of November 16, 2016

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skygate cup • quarter final

two towers that end up as one

The Arch

Hong Kong » info

Gate to the East

Suzhou » info

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DUBAI10000 Both are very nice but likewise to most people here I prefer the Gate to the East  
prahovaploiesti Gate to the East  
floor23 Both are nice, but I prefer The Arch. Gate to the East is nice but there are too many blue glass buildings in this world.  
TheIllinoisan One on the left is disgusting.  
CactusLord Not sure, both are amazing  
Zaz965 pants buildings lol  +3
Henry Effenberger This is worst than the latest US election.  
KillerZavatar both are amazing. too bad they face each other in the first round already!  
Balkanada Both are abhorrent but I voted The Arch  
kokomo Gate to the East  +1
ArtZ Gate to the East  +1
Joralex The Arch looks like a robot, GTTE looks like jeans.. I choose the robot..  +3
vartal The Arch  
dbk Levis HQ in China?  +2
Claudio Henrique Difficult choice.  +3
Grimbarian Gate to the East is undeniably better looking but I find the Arch more impressive as a structure  +6
Xenoplas my words!  
stwebm omg