one on one of November 17, 2016

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skygate cup • quarter final

two towers that end up as one

Umeda Sky Building

Osaka » info

85 Sky Tower

Kaohsiung » info

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prahovaploiesti 85 Sky Tower  
vartal Umeda Sky Building  
Mr Nev The bigger question is "why?".  +2
igor Umeda Sky Building  
arhimed2050 Taiwan Sky Tower  
Limassoler 85 Sky Tower would fit better in a "hole in the tower" cup.  +2
ThatOneGuy Umeda, feels very consttructivist  
Zaz965 85 sky tower is a monster lol  
INFERNAL ELF 85 Skytower is amazing that is the highest amount of Structure right over and opening in the world i believe on a building. its also really tall 378m to be precise.  +2
TallestKidOnTheBlock Who ever thought it was a good idea to build any of these?  +2
Exethalion If they serve their purpose as buildings and are structurally sound then I'm all for them instead of yet another boring glass block.  +1