one on one of November 22, 2016

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started in 2016 cup • quarter final

this tournament lines up the eight tallest buildings which started construction in 2016

Skyfame Center Landmark

Nanning • 528 meter » info

La Maison by HDS

Dubai • 350 meter » info

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thedurringtondoctor The Dubai one is just so bland. How did it ever get planning permission? Massive bribery maybe??  
ArtZ I saw only La Maison and found it ugly, so I voted for SCLT.  
gwiATLeman Skyfame Center [link]  
gwiATLeman Skyfame Center [link]  +2
spursfan1882 Could only see La Maison, so voted for it!  +1
QalzimCity i voted for the one that i can actually see... so la maison that is  +1
soluço I can't see skyfame either  +3
Gabriel900 HDS render is just a pic of the site board ... quality is bad I wouldn't compare these two tbh  +1
DUBAI10000 Skyfame even though I have a slight biased towards Dubai. lol  
Gutovsky Skyfame, no doubt, but the picture went 404  +4
arhimed2050 Landmark Tower of Nanning, China  
rapraprogasan nice  
Askario Skyfame  
Zaz965 skyfame  
FloripaNation Skyfame  +1
vartal Skyfame Center Landmark Tower  +1