one on one of November 23, 2016

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started in 2016 cup • quarter final

this tournament lines up the eight tallest buildings which started construction in 2016

Akhmat Tower

Grozny • 435 meter » info

Ningbo Center

Ningbo • 398 meter » info

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Uli Hacky me parece algo fea Akhmat Tower, lo único bueno que le veo es su altura y los primeros metros con todo ese diseño, pero hasta eso, tanta altura para un edificio así...lo hace ver peor :c lo siento, es mi opinion  
KillerZavatar I voted for Ningbo Center over the old design of Ahmat Tower.  +2
Claudio Henrique Ningbo Center is just futuristic, Akhmat Tower is modern with personality.  
Avangard-55 That's the old render of Akhmat tower.  +2
Davidinho Here are the real renders for Akhmat tower. [link]  +3
Davidinho And here [link]  +1
JimB Better.........but still ugly.  
missioneiro wat (fat lady looking with astonished face meme) is this thing in the left?  
Amecurty an obvious choice here.. what a freak show on the left..  
SOLOMON 1 Ningbo Center of course.  
Xenoplas terrible :D  
madrasi7777 Akhmat Tower should be named Towering Phallus. Ningbo any day  +5
robertsieg Glad to see my town winning this one! They're still working on the foundations last time I checked. Probably won't be U/C until mid 2017.  
vartal Akhmat Tower  +1
arhimed2050 5/5 for Ningbo Center, China  
Celt67 The adult toys cup.  +14
Christi69 Akhmat seems to have changed its design...  +3
midrise' more like mine.  +1
TopoGigio Akhmat Tower looks like a pen... :)  +5
Zaz965 did you mean pen**, hehehe  +7
JamieUK That's an interesting looking tip there on the Akhmat.  +4
roydex well for me, I don't like Akhmat the way it's iconic so i chose the Ningbo although its design are usual :)  
QalzimCity based on iconic aspect, akhmet will be ahead by far...same like rugyong hotel in north korea. so i voted AKhmat