one on one of November 24, 2016

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started in 2016 cup • quarter final

this tournament lines up the eight tallest buildings which started construction in 2016

TRX Signature Tower

Kuala Lumpur • 439 meter » info

Vista Tower

Chicago • 362 meter » info

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Skyline Art Agree Vista tower is overrated.  
Skyline Art Agree. I voted the TRX signature tower  
Focalor Vista tower overrated  
Cerulean Diagram comparison of TRX and Wanda Vista. [link]  +1
sepul The rendering for both exaggerate the height of Vista, and diminish that of TRX tower. If you put the tower side by side TRX will definitely look better as Vista rendering is unrealistic.  +1
vartal TRX Signature Tower  +2
gusgazman chicago  
Amecurty that render though.. the height of vista next to aon xD.. wth  +1
Zaz965 I like both again  
TheIllinoisan One on the left has been done to a very similar degree on multiple occasions.  +1
gwiATLeman Not a fan of either of these