one on one of November 29, 2016

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manama cup • semi final

this is a compact tournament which lines up the four tallest building projects in Bahrain's capital Manama, all over 200 meters tall

Four Seasons Hotel

270 meter • 2015 » info

United Tower

200 meter • 2016 » info

this matchup has closed

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prahovaploiesti United Tower  
vartal United Tower  +1
TheIllinoisan Two turds.  
Shanperson United tower looks like a boring version of evolution tower in Moscow  
Balkanada Both are so abhorrent I can't bring myself to have a preference over the two... and I also can't believe that Four Seasons Hotel was built last year. Looks like some modernist shit that would've been cool in the 70s  +1
TheIllinoisan Straight out of 1974.  
TimFromBish Four Seasons Hotel, because looks very unusual.  
thedurringtondoctor both hideous  
CactusLord The idea of four seasons is cool but i don't like the execution, so united for me.  +1
gwiATLeman To me the Four Seasons is kind of hideous  +1
arhimed2050 Four Seasons  
ThatOneGuy Both beautiful, but I love the cladding on United  +1
Jose Mari Both are awesome in their own right.  
FloripaNation I like the "drill" tower :D  +1
Lindemann Hideous cup  +2