one on one of December 5, 2016

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lift cup • quarter final

eight cool lifts that are a public attraction in itself, or are part of one

Eiffel Tower elevators

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TheIllinoisan Eiffel Tower is an overrated pile of scrap. Paris has an uncountable number of more worthwhile attractions.  
INFERNAL ELF it might hawe some more intresting and historic attractions but when it comes to architecture and tall buildings the Eifel Tower is one of the most important structures ever. and it was a revolution when it was built way back in the 19th century. And at time of completion it pushed the record for worlds tallest construction/building /tower from 169m to 324 wich is tottaly amazing  
Claudio Henrique Eiffel Tower is hors-concours.  
Xenoplas both are great!  +1
Gwathanaur parijs ?  
vartal AquaDom  
Zaz965 I like both again  +3
prahovaploiesti Eiffel Tower elevators