one on one of December 6, 2016

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lift cup • quarter final

eight cool lifts that are a public attraction in itself, or are part of one

SkyView at the Ericsson Globe

Stockholm » info

Gateway Arch elevator pods

St Louis » info

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ticosk8 I'm staring at St Louis' lift but I cannot figure out what the fuck the pic is showing hahahaah  
INFERNAL ELF yeah its a pretty bad picture its of one of the tram pods that go in a arched line from ground level up to about 180m its an amazing piece of engineering.  +1
ikops People probably do not see what they are looking at concerning the Gateway ;)  
vartal SkyView at the Ericsson Globe  
Xenoplas this cup is great! it's sad Gateway Arch is not winning... people are probably voting just by looking at the picture  +2
ThatOneGuy Gateway Arch feels so Kubrick. I love it.  +6