one on one of December 7, 2016

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lift cup • quarter final

eight cool lifts that are a public attraction in itself, or are part of one

Elevador de Santa Justa

Lisbon » info

Elevador Lacerda

Salvador » info

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niltinhovieiralima Lacerda  
Tricolor de Aço Lacerda, a vista é unica!  
Bruno Soteropolis Lacerda!  
Vale do Juá Lacerda  
PAPITOBA Visão deslumbrante da Baía de Todos os Santos  
danielfes elevador lacerda  
BaianoNato Pela vista que o elevador Lacerda proporciona aos visitantes!  
Cerrado Lacerda  
INFERNAL ELF Elevador de Santa Justa by far it has retained its original style for over hundred years. and it was steam powered in its first years wich is tottaly steampunk :D Elevador lacerda is older by 30 years but it has been modified alot architecture wise.  +4
Edil Arda İzmir :/  
SpiderBHZ Lacerda, no doubt.  +1
spursfan1882 I'm sorry, but Elevador de Santa Justa looks like it was built 100 years ago...unless the attraction is meant to be the umberalla and not the tall building in the back ground...?  +1
indiekid It was built 100 years ago, that's what makes it great.  +3