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landmarks of vienna cup • quarter final

Eight icons which define the Austrian capital. Which one landmarks it best?

Schönbrunn Palace

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prahovaploiesti Schönbrunn Palace  
RaymondHood (continued) -- It doesn't even show the 450' steeple  
RaymondHood That is the worst shot of the Dom that I could imagine.  
indiekid Stephansdom is more impressive, just a poor photo.  
jdjones Bad photo of Stephansdom, can't appreciate it  +1
CactusLord It was tied at 74 when i voted, now i feel special lmao  +1
Slartibartfas Schönbrunn is grand at all but there is no way it beats the Stephansdom, one of the oldest still standing structures of the city and its undisputed very heart as well.  +1
Xenoplas Schloss Schönbrunn is not just a pittoresque palace. It has huge gardens with a great view over the city as well.  
arhimed2050 Schönbrunn Palace  
naruciakk Hard choice, but taking into account the postcard factor I choose Stephansdom :)  
vartal Schönbrunn Palace