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landmarks of vienna cup • quarter final

Eight icons which define the Austrian capital. Which one landmarks it best?

Wiener Rathaus

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prahovaploiesti Wiener Rathaus  
TOB1AS Wiener Rathaus.. imagine if they still built like this.. it would feel so meaningful to be part of society  +1
Rodrigo21 Visited Vienna early this year, Wiener Rathaus is amazing! (bad picture tho)  
Maks33 I vote for Wiener Rathaus. I visited that beautiful place in December 2012, before Christmas.  
SMCYB I would have said Gasometer, but it's been ruined by that ugly new blue glass addition.  
TheIllinoisan This. That thing looks like a nasty tumor.  
vartal Wiener Rathaus  
Sechou Gasometer