one on one of December 20, 2016

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mall cup • quarter final

old ones, big ones, fancy ones and other shopping malls lined up to find out which one is best!

Vulcano Buono

Nola » info

Canal City Hakata

Fukuoka » info

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prahovaploiesti Canal City Hakata  
ArtZ Canal City Hakata  
RegentHouse While Vulcano Buono has the benefit of a starchitect and literally integrates well with the countryside, in the end it's a glorified American-style shopping mall surrounded by a sea of parking and nothing. Canal City Hakata is one of the late Jerde's best works, and is well planned and integrated with the surrounding urban environment rather than being a category killer superblock.  +1
falp6 Obvously Vulcano Buono!  +1
bigbuddy94 Facing the Vesuvio, this mall is really melted in the landscape. GG signore Piano. (it's the best one I've been in Europe ...)  
Insanitymind Vulcano  
solu├žo vulcano is amazing  
IThomas Vulcano Buono. Reasons? Concept design and 'green' architecture by Renzo Piano.  +3
TaxiRide Renzo Piano always.  
vartal Canal City Hakata  +1
INFERNAL ELF Canal city is just too messy architecture wise. and Vulcano Buono is very original and good idea  +4
RegentHouse Anything made to look like it's coming out of the ground will make other architecture look messy, especially postmodernism. I fail to see how it's supposed to resemble a volcano in the first place.