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landmarks of vienna cup • semi final

Eight icons which define the Austrian capital. Which one landmarks it best?


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Schönbrunn Palace

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prahovaploiesti Schönbrunn Palace  
vartal Hundertwasserhaus  
Skyline Art Only the greenery is good, remove the building entirely and it is good. Lol  
Skyline Art Lol not really hard choice, i was being sarcastic about the first one.  
Skyline Art Hard choice. The only good thing about Hundertwasserhaus is the greenery, the colours especially on that mostly blank wall is ugly as. Therefore clearly the winner to me is Schonbrunn Palace. As at least it has a symmetrical feel to the whole place.  
Manitopiaaa Visited both. Tbh neither is super impressive.  
RegentHouse Are you fucking serious?  +5