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landmarks of vienna cup • semi final

Eight icons which define the Austrian capital. Which one landmarks it best?

DC Towers

220 meter • 2013 » info

Wiener Rathaus

city hall » info

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prahovaploiesti Wiener Rathaus  
vartal Wiener Rathaus  
Skyline Art DC towers look ok but the colour makes it kind of look boring. I'd rather the older looking building than the modern one. If there was more texture patterning then DC towers might look more of a winner.  
Axel76NG DC Tower is not bad, but no one would book a trip to Vienna to see it  
Amecurty I still think you shouldnt use day pics vs night pics.. during night time everything seems nicer, usually :p  
Rens Puts DC tower is nothing compared to rathaus  +3
Eikichi Rathaus is absolute majesty.  +2