one on one of January 12, 2017

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europe 2016 cup • quarter final

All completed in 2016, one of the following eight will represent Europe in the Skyscraper of the Year contest!

tall arts


Hamburg • 110 meter » info

Tate Modern Switch House

London • 65 meter » info

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prahovaploiesti Elbphilharmonie  
vartal Elbphilharmonie  
Cosaonoivay Elbphi is stunning considered the surrounding, that's a plus .  
Dallas star Elbphilharmonie, and you even chose these least flattering image for it.  +1
3tmk I think the Tate will age better  +2
Kopacz Tate has a better facade IMO  
Sechou Very tough choice.  
casverm1997 this one is difficult o_o  
Dr.Seltsam Why not take a photo of the finished Elphi? Would be better!  
Ji-Ja-Jot dat elphi  
Christi69 Both are interesting, but Elbphilharmonie is more stunning  +5
midrise is music too my eyes.  
68danko Elphi Hamburg...of course