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europe 2016 cup • quarter final

All completed in 2016, one of the following eight will represent Europe in the Skyscraper of the Year contest!

green vs red

M6B2 Tower of Biodiversity

Paris • 50 meter » info

Cinnamon Tower

Hamburg • 56 meter » info

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prahovaploiesti M6B2 Tower of Biodiversity  
Manitopiaaa Both are hideous  
vartal Cinnamon Tower  
Imperfect Ending M6B2 looks like it's under construction.  +1
Rekarte both are very ugly  
UnHavrais Laideur VS Laideur  +1
sveknu Let me just throw my hat in the ring and predict that neither of those buildings will win the competition.  +1
zaphod The Biodiversity building is kind of just greenwashing- I don't see what tangible impact some plants growing on the exterior of a building has except for looks. But Cinnamon Tower is an example of fitting quality infill developments into tightly constrained lots while looking sharp.  +1
Unregistered Quality? Even a cardboard box has better architecture than that moldy chunk of fruitcake.  +1
Unregistered M6B2 Tower of Biodiversity, but both are pretty awful. Next to unregulated immigration, this architecture of cluttered windows and funny colors is killing Europe.  +1
soren5en Cinnamon >>>> [link]  +1
Xenoplas they are both not really incredibly appealing but they're definitely not ugly.  +1
Ji-Ja-Jot both buidlings will look different among the next two years. Biobuilding facade will be much greener. Cinnamon's sorroundings are still U/C, and with a lifely square in font of it, it will appear far less dull. I vote for the proportions of the cinnamon  
John Nicollet Mall Cinnamon Tower has much better proportions.  
Axel76NG it's a little unfair to look at biodiversity in this state as it is meant to "grow" naturally. First off the whole building is covered by a net, which plants will grow around. and all the columns on the facade are actually hollow and trees will naturally grow out of them. When that process will be further along, that will be a one of a kind building.  +3
Ekumenopolis Hideous building challenge 2016  +3
JamieUK Ugly Vs Ugly and Dull. I guess Ugly wins.  +3
spursfan1882 the M6B2 tower just looks like a complete mess to me, neither are very good really!  +2