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new york 2016 cup • semi final

with these four contenders, the big apple has some strong candidates for the skyscraper of the year award. up to you which one is ny's best!

30 Park Place

282 meter » info

56 Leonard Street

250 meter » info

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robertwood 30 park place  
jovonhov 30 Park Place  
prahovaploiesti 30 Park Place  
Róka 30 Park Place  +1
Stringpicker 30 Park Place looks classic!  +2
Hudson11 thats a bad angle of 56 Leonard. That beign said, I stil vote for 30 PP.  +1
Manitopiaaa 56 Leonard Street came out terribly. 30 Park Place, meanwhile, exceeded all expectations. 30 Park Place for the win!  
Zaz965 I like like classy style buildings  +1
3tmk 30 Park Place actually looks really fake and plastic in the context, which is why I prefer something fresh and new like 56 Leonard st  
vartal 56 Leonard Street  
towerpower123 Two of my favorite buildings, about 10 blocks apart  
JMGA196 56 Leonard Street would look good on Thailand or Malaysia or some other southeastern Asian country, not NY.  +2
midrise I would love too have the Woolworth beauty as my neighbor to be able to look at out my window any time. And yes 30 Park is soooo NY. It will stand the test of time. And always be a winner.  
TheIllinoisan Well, spursfan, it isnt necessarily a good thing, but it certainly isnt a bad thing. It all comes down to personal taste, really.  
TheIllinoisan And 30 Park really isnt boring. Thats an objective statement.  +1
CactusLord 30 park place is lovely, its so new york that now that it's built it seems like it had been there forever. 56 leonard on the other hand feels really out of place and bland  +7
spursfan1882 30 Park Place, you state it seems like it's been there forever. Why is that a good thing, I prefer different, not the same old boring! 56 Leonard for me thanks!