one on one of January 15, 2017

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new york 2016 cup • semi final

with these four contenders, the big apple has some strong candidates for the skyscraper of the year award. up to you which one is ny's best!

10 Hudson Yards

268 meter » info


142 meter » info

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prahovaploiesti VIA 57 WEST  
midrise 10 HY stands tall in this final...clearly a better choice.  
TheIllinoisan Youre fucking blind, champ.  +1
Architecture lover Lolz I can't believe that the cheap PVC frames are wining against 10 HY  +3
goodybear I agree 10 HY is a lot better in person. Also the cladding on 10 HY is more high quality, in person the 57 street pyramid has cheap looking cladding  +1
Hudson11 10 HY is FAR better in person. This picture does not do it justice. BIG's pyramid is impressive, but KPF's flagship tower of the Hudson Yards is superior.  
Braillard 10 Hudson Yards is a masterpiece. I'd like not to have it compared to yet another Bjarke eyesore.  
RĂ³ka VIA 57 WEST  
Zaz965 via 57 west  
CactusLord Wow, so hard both are super epic  +1
CactusLord not the best pic of via 57 tho  
vartal 10 Hudson Yards