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zaha hadid cup • finale

the eight tallest designs, both completed and under construction, by the late Zaha Hadid

Wangjing Soho

Beijing • 200 meter • 2014 » info

One Thousand Museum

Miami • 215 meter • under construction » info

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Miami High Rise Wanjing is a much larger project. The design is very similar to a Genting Resorts World casino proposal there once was for Miami, so that might confuse people. It looks exactly like the RWM "seashells" towers. 1000 Museum is def the more powerful striking project.  
vartal One Thousand Museum  
prahovaploiesti Wangjing Soho  +1
DUBAI10000 Wangjing soho is an ungly building however it gives the skyline an icon. One Thousand Museum Drive is beautiful, thus gets my vote.  +1
Architecture lover We need a Santiago Calatrava cup. I'm just giving a suggestion since this is the final of this cup.  +1
thedurringtondoctor both eyesores  
RaymondHood What an unfortunate choice! We should be given a "neither" option.  +4