one on one of January 20, 2017

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oz 2016 cup • semi final

four of the most striking skyscraper down under completed in 2016

KPMG Collins Square

Melbourne • 145 meter » info

International Towers

Sydney • 217 meter » info

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prahovaploiesti International Towers  
DUBAI10000 both horribly shaped  
vartal International Towers  
Miami High Rise Wow, they are both striking, the Int'l Towers are larger, they look surreal, almost like giant futuristic filters, KPMG is better for a smaller project. Like how the shiny block looks like an ice crystal, but for lack of info and pics, gotta go with the 3 giant carbon filters :)  
ArtZ Oz - world's best to live in, world's hardest to enter...  
arhimed2050 KPMG Collins Square  +1
bedrof hmmm both not very interesting  
Architecture lover Wow! They both look extremely beautiful, at first sight I thought they were renders and not real buildings, which means a wonderful realization of the projects.  +3
KJBrissy The one on the left is a render ;)