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middle east 2016 cup • quarter final

next up are the eight best known and most talked about new skyscrapers that have been completed in 2016 in the Middle East

best of Abu Dhabi

Al Jazeera Tower

Abu Dhabi • 36 floors » info

Four Seasons Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi • 144 meter » info

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vartal Al Jazeera Tower  
prahovaploiesti Al Jazeera Tower  
SMCYB [img][link]  
SMCYB [link]  
SMCYB [link]  
SMCYB Wouldn't Hearst or the International Gem Tower in NYC be a more suitable comparison?  
Roermond al jazeer for sure  
Icewave Dubai has no towers in 2016 ??  
andreschultz26 top cheese grater  
roydex the al jazeera tower  
spursfan1882 Yep, thats what it says at the top of the page, well done!