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europe 2016 cup • semi final

All completed in 2016, one of the following eight will represent Europe in the Skyscraper of the Year contest!

Warsaw Spire

Warsaw • 220 meter » info


Riga • 130 meter » info

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A Chicagoan When in doubt, consult the heights.  
vartal Z-tornis  
prahovaploiesti Warsaw Spire  
Seoul_Korea Warsaw Spire, one of the best skyscrapers in Europe  
RaymondHood The ever-recurring dilemma -- banal vs. kitschy.  
Rokugatsu You're complaining on every post here...  
Davidinho OK which one is banal and which one kitschy? As for me, both are banal. The best European skyscrapers of 2016 are Federation Vostok and Oko.  
arhimed2050 Warsaw Spire