one on one of January 26, 2017

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europe 2016 cup • semi final

All completed in 2016, one of the following eight will represent Europe in the Skyscraper of the Year contest!

best of Hamburg


Hamburg • 110 meter » info

Cinnamon Tower

Hamburg • 56 meter » info

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vartal Cinnamon Tower  
prahovaploiesti Elbphilharmonie  
mexmatt Elbphilharmonie is just so revolutionary; there's never been a concert hall quite like it. From the 82 meter escalator and the 26 story structure to the giant sequins on the roof, it's unique!  +1
68danko Hamburg meine Perle  +1
casverm1997 both are amazing builds  
Ji-Ja-Jot cinnamnon troll vote  +2
TaxiRide they'r both in hamburgh -.-  +3
spursfan1882 I voted for the one in Hamburg!  +7
stwebm Hamburg  +2