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new york 2016 cup • finale

with these four contenders, the big apple has some strong candidates for the skyscraper of the year award. up to you which one is ny's best!

30 Park Place

New York City • 282 meter » info


New York City • 142 meter » info

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Sainton Via 57- Different, daring, innovative. 30 Park- Ordinary, boring, outdated.  
shivtim 57 West is pioneering and unique. 30 Park Place is boring.  +1
Skyline Art 30 Park Place... The other one is too shiny and cheap looking.  
SEAfan Park Place by a far shot. 57 West looks like beachfront architecture.  
vartal 30 Park Place  
DUBAI10000 30 PARK  
Celt67 That pyramid looks like some cheap crap from Dubai or China...or Las Vegas.  +4
JMGA196 30 Park Place no doubt. Each city has an identity, no idea why everybody wants to be "different" and "innovative" when all you do is break that identity and make something completely out of place. Not saying Via 57 is ugly or anything, but simply does not belong in NYC.  +4
Mplsuptown It's like conservative vs liberal. I'll choose to move forward.  
jjjeffi 30 Park Place looks like any other NY building, VIA 57 on the other hand is very different from any building really  +1
Skull Fellaz 30 Park Place NY good old times  +1
Lindemann 30 Park Place, instant classic  
Icewave 30 Park Place .. it's like old New York  +1
arhimed2050 VIA 57 WEST  +1
midrise 30 Park is the true contender in every seance of the word...To be different is not enough.  +1
erbse 30 Park Place features timeless design that ages well. Via 57 West looks aged already.  +2
The seventh shape 30 park place is too monochrome. It needed some copper or something like Woolworth behind it, and perhaps more decorative touches. If you're gonna do old style might as well do it right.  +7
spursfan1882 VIA 57 West for me, it's different unlike 30 Park Place  +2
prahovaploiesti 30 Park Place  +1