one on one of January 30, 2017

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oz 2016 cup • finale

four of the most striking skyscraper down under completed in 2016

1 William Street

Brisbane • 260 meter » info

International Towers

Sydney • 217 meter » info

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prahovaploiesti International Towers  
Scott16475 This one was closer than I thought it would be. Brisbane.  
goodybear Voting is broken. Below images it says: you voted! Then it says: 0 lek  +1
KJBrissy Click to see who voted ;)  
goodybear My OCD still bugs me that you know who voted but not which building they voted for...  
KJBrissy The names are under the photo they voted for :D  
arhimed2050 Brisbane's tower  
Skyline Art Brisbane's tower of power... powerball tower.