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middle east 2016 cup • semi final

next up are the eight best known and most talked about new skyscrapers that have been completed in 2016 in the Middle East

Central Bank of Kuwait

Kuwait City • 240 meter » info

Al Jazeera Tower

Abu Dhabi • 36 floors » info

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vartal Central Bank of Kuwait  
prahovaploiesti Al Jazeera Tower  
goodybear Al Jazeera is nice but doesnnt get my vote since its a copy of the Hearst Tower.  +2
CactusLord Al jazeera is like an ugly tryhard hearst tower lol the other is also horrendous, not voting here sry m8s  
Xenoplas from that angle the bank of kuwait is one of the best looking buildings of all the gulf states. really can't understand how the jazeera tower can have almost twice the votes...  +2
Skyline Art Central Bank of Kuwait is a more interesting design than the Al Jazeera Tower though. :)  +3
Skyline Art Pitty the Central Bank of Kuwait has that concrete rectangular tube coming out of the lower end of it. It just doesn't really do justice to the rest of the building.  +1
midrise My vote is in the bank  +1
arhimed2050 Central Bank of Kuwait  
RaymondHood Central Bank gets an "A"!  +3