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latin america 2016 cup • quarter final

Hand picked by our local members, these eight new skyscrapers represent the best of Latin America in 2016. You all get to decide which one is best!

best of Mexico City

Torre Reforma

Mexico City • 244 meter » info

Torre Diana

Mexico City • 158 meter » info

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prahovaploiesti Torre Reforma  
isakres Reforma. As Mexmatt have said, there is just more than just a pretty Facade in reforma.  
mexmatt If the Torre Diana were 20 floors taller, the competition would be tighter. But Torre Reforma represents a completely innovative building, not only in its design but in engineering aspects as well. Add to this, the fact that they moved an old mansion 18 meters to set the underpinnings of the tower, and then moved it BACK 18 meters to its original position, and the choice becomes a no-brainer.  +6
midrise Torre Reforma is inspiring......Torre Diana is a beauty...Mexico City is getting better and better, it has span time/history, with out standing examples from different eras.  +1
vartal Torre Reforma  
TimFromBish Very easy choice. Torre Reforma!