one on one of February 6, 2017

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europe 2016 cup • finale

All completed in 2016, one of the following eight will represent Europe in the Skyscraper of the Year contest!

Warsaw Spire

Warsaw • 220 meter » info


Hamburg • 110 meter » info

this matchup has closed

344 people voted (click to see)


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Lovricico Elbphilharmonie.  
A Chicagoan I don't understand why people would vote for Elbphilharmonie, but everyone's entitled to their own opinion!  
prahovaploiesti Warsaw Spire  
vartal Warsaw Spire  +1
DocentX I am from Warsaw but I am voting for Elbphilharmonie - amazing building !  +6
IThomas Elbphilharmonie :)  +2
naruciakk Only Elbphilharmonie, Warsaw Spire is a nice skyscraper, but… simply meh.  +1
Balkanada Elbphilharmonie looks like it's from a dystopian cyber-punk video game. No thanks  +3
Braillard I voted against the hype about Elbphilharmonie, which I assumed would be the frontrunner. To my surprise, it appeared to be leading. I guess that's pretty much how Trump got elected..  +1
JMGA196 Can't understand all the hype about Elbphilharmonie. Looks extremely ugly to me.  +4
Hasenfuß It's almost as if the majority of users in this forum is Polish...  +2
Vanaheim I'm Polish and voted for Elbphilharmonie, so STFU!  +1
Xenoplas come on guys are you serious?  
Xenoplas this is crazy how can the elbphilharmonie seriously loose this?  +2
Tolbert An average dubayesque scraper vs a unique concert hall... whats wrong with peoples minds nowadays  +15
naruciakk People of Warsaw storm the voting ;)