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middle east 2016 cup • finale

next up are the eight best known and most talked about new skyscrapers that have been completed in 2016 in the Middle East

middle east 2016 finale

United Tower

Manama • 200 meter » info

Al Jazeera Tower

Abu Dhabi • 36 floors » info

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ArtZ Al Jazeera Tower  
vartal United Tower  
The-Real-Link Both are quite beautiful in unique ways. Have to lean toward Al Jazeera's tower though. The box form at the base of the drill-bit-like United Tower offputs the flow slightly.  
prahovaploiesti United Tower  
JMGA196 At least that diamond shaped grid is kinda recurrent in arabic building's ornaments and design, so Al Jazeera Tower wins. United Tower on the eother hand is just another twisting tower that might look nice but is souless and could literally be in any place in the world and has nothing in common with the history, culture and people of Bahrain.  +1
Rodrigo21 I like United Tower except for that box attached to it...  
b.alotaby Hard to favor. Both are spectacular in their own ways  +1