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asia 2016 cup • quarter final

with China taking most of je supertall cake for past year, there is still plenty to be chose from in tje Asian continent. This tournament lines up the best and tallest of the Asian countries in 2016

CFC Changfu Centre

Shenzhen • 304 meter » info

Gama Tower

Jakarta • 286 meter » info

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vartal CFC Changfu Centre  
A Chicagoan The Gama Tower looks old . . . and the colors are dull. Wait, this building was built in 2016? I thought maybe it was from 1985 or something.  +1
Pansori No competition.  +1
embassyofaudrey GAMA  
arhimed2050 Changfu Centre - more organical tower to nature ))  
Lindemann Gama looks so 80s  +3
prahovaploiesti CFC Changfu Centre