one on one of February 13, 2017

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latin america 2016 cup • semi final

Hand picked by our local members, these eight new skyscrapers represent the best of Latin America in 2016. You all get to decide which one is best!

WTorre Morumbi

Sao Paulo • 140 meter » info


Buenos Aires • 155 meter » info

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Lovricico BBVA  
Yuri S Andrade I didn't like BBVA's top.  
yukatan_boy WTorre Morumbi mucho más original!!  +2
vartal BBVA  +1
Palpatine00 BBVA sape !  
la_parca BBVA Is amazing!  +3
Alejandro D Morumbi looks a little heavy, for my taste. BVVA ha san intriguing, original volumetry.  
ElUrbanista91 BBVA one love :)  +2
midrise My Valentine, in a city of romance and beauty.  +1
Leandro_lenz La cancha del san pablo nunca me gustó  +1
JuanT BBVA garotos  
LeitoStafe BBVA - no doubt!  +4
Paullascs WTorre Morumbi  
Paullascs full size here [link]  +2
RaymondHood Morumbbva !  +2
Maxem BBVA pic in full size: [link]  +5
martinalagui Amazing!!  
martinalagui BBVA!! One of the most beautifuls towers in Buenos Aires.  +3
martinalagui BBVA!! One of the most beatififuls towers on B.A.  
prahovaploiesti WTorre Morumbi  +1